Here is a handy reminder list to review prior to attending your closing. This helps ensure no last minute challenges and ensures a smooth, seamless closing for all parties.

  • Bring your Spouse
    Texas is a community property state, it is most likely that both husband and wife will be required to sign documents. Please discuss with your Escrow Officer if you have any questions.

  • Bring an acceptable Government issued ID
    Your valid Driver License or Passport must be presented for all signers. A photo copy for the file will be required as well as proof of signature for the Notary Public/Escrow Officer.

  • Wire Transfer -vs- Cashiers Check
    Discuss with your escrow officer if a wire transfer of funds will be required or if a cashier check is sufficient. Depending on the days allotted prior to closing a wire transfer may be required. This is very important as it can delay the closing of your property.

  • Insurance Coverage
    Buyers should have their homeowners Insurance in place with the amounts required by their Lender for binders and/or certificates. Don’t forget flood insurance and home warranty Insurance if required or wanted.

  • Don’t Forget The Details
    Be sure to bring the following to closing. Any instruction manuals, garage door openers, gate keys, property keys, alarm codes. Also, be sure to file your change of address with postal service to insure your move is smooth.

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